AC4XO Field Day 2000

Benjy Has Fun in the Sun

This is the third year I've participated in the ARRL's Field Day event running a single operator/single transmitter QRP (low-power) operation. The official category is 1B which some think of as "One Benjy", but it really means a one transmitter, non-club operation. Here are the particulars:

I started working QRP and single operator for Field Day in 1998. I ordered and built the Sierra from a kit and put it on the air for the first time a few hours before the contest began. I was amazed that other station could hear me. I had a wonderful time that year. You can read the full story.

Last year, I greatly improved the operation. I worked multiple bands and made more contacts. Pictures and a description are also online.

A special thanks goes to Sue Ellen, KD4LQO, who helped with antenna setup, took these pictures, and provided support. Thanks to N4GU for the antenna idea and doing some surface mount work on a power supply experiment. Thanks to Obie, WA4DOX, for loaning me his 20M band module for the Sierra.

Benjy Cline, AC4XO (benjy at June, 2000. Images and text © Ben and Sue Ellen Cline